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Seoul Real Estate ListingsSearching for Seoul real estate and homes for sale?  Our real estate company can help!  This site provides easy searches for searching the Seoul real estate market including condos, homes, townhouses, flats, apartments and more!  If you have any questions about the Seoul real estate market, simply contact us and one of our real estate professionals will respond promptly to answer whatever questions you may have.

Seoul is the capital of South Korea (its official name is Seoul Special City).  This city has over 10 million residents within the city limits, and within the metropolitan region of the Seoul National Capital Area, is has 24.5 million persons.  This makes Seoul one of the largest metropolitan areas anywhere in the world.  Seoul is a powerhouse in not only the Asian market, but within the world standings as well.  Seoul was ranked the 6th most economically powerful city globally in 2008 by Forbes Magazine – ranking it higher & more important than both Paris and Los Angeles.  Seoul has seen tremendous growth and improvements in infrastructure over the past decade.  Seoul features the world’s fastest broadband internet, a 350 km/h KTX bullet train, and continues to be a technological testing center for many high tech companies.

Seoul Real EstateSeoul is divided into 25 districts, or gu.  Those districts are as follows:  Dobong, Dongdaemun, Dongjak, Eunpyeong, Gangbuk, Gangdong, Gangnam, Gangseo, Geumcheon, Guro, Gwanak, Gwangjin, Jongno, Jung, Jungnang, Mapo, Nowon, Seocho, Seodaemun, Seongbuk, Seongdong, Songpa, Yangcheon, Yeongdeungpo, and Yongsan districts. The Seoul districts vary widely in size of land mass as well as population. They vary from 10-47, and from approximately 140,000-630,000 people each. These gu are then divided even further into neighborhoods, or dong. Dongs are then divided into 13,787 tong, and tong are divided into 102,796 ban. Whew! Fortunately, if you are looking for to buy a home in Seoul, we can help keep track of all of that for you and ensure that you get in the area that best suits your needs.
Seoul Homes

Seoul Homes

Some of the more popular areas for Seoul homes includes Janghang-dong, Ilsan-gu, & Kyeongki-do areas. Those areas typically have homes with a very traditional Asian construction methods and design, and quite often are built out of concrete and bamboo. Seoul homes in these areas are commonly feature 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. For those persons that are interested in luxury Seoul real estate there is the Sungbuk-dong district that features some remarkable single family homes. This affluent area offers stunning views of the city and nature. Housing prices of course are higher in Sungbuk-dong than in many other areas of Seoul, but many expats feel that it is worth it. If you are wanting to buy a Seoul home with a more local flavor and a more modest budget, then Itaewon is a good choice as the homes are large, roomy and represent a good value for those that want lots of space. If you are wanting a modern Seoul home, then the Banpo and Bangbea-dong areas is probably going to appeal to you. These areas are in more upscale locations and offer large & roomy space that appeals to many westerners. If you are wanting to buy a Seoul home outside of the city, then City Hall is a good choice for suburban living. It offers easy access to/from downtown Seoul, an affluent area, and tremendous views of the city and surrounding mountains. Just south of Seoul is Bokwangdong. The Bokwangdong district offers great shopping, modern conveniences and is a good choice for those persons that want easy and close access to every day needs.

Seoul Condos

Seoul CondosWith the ever increasing real estate market in Seoul, condos are gaining popularity with many expats. This offers them the convenient locations within the expatriate community inside of Seoul, and still retains an affordability so that it is easier on the budget. The Seoul real estate market is constantly changing, and its important to have a good real estate company representing your interests. Our Seoul real estate company is one of the best in the city, and whether you are looking for a home, condo, villa, townhouse, apartment, or flat, our real estate agents are ready to help you find your dream home. Contact us today!